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Moonstone Self-Comply

Taking the Hassle out of FAIS, FICA & NCA Compliance and Risk Management

Our Services Include

Monitor Compliance

Use a systematic and easy-to-use process to manage the essential task of monitoring regulatory compliance in your business

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

By adopting our system, clients will be able to demonstrate that they have established a Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Framework for their business

Powerful Reports

Actionable reports that pin point problem areas quickly and effectively.

Seminars and Workshops

Clients will receive invitations to attend Moonstone regional seminars and workshops at preferential rates.

Moonstone Newsletter

Clients are automatically subscribed to receive Moonstone’s newsletters via e-mail

FICA Awareness Training

Clients and their employees gain access to FICA awareness training and assessments as required by the Act

Regular Reminders

Our system will store your information and remind you of important compliance obligations such as when to file your statutory returns

Useful Templates

Gain access to a large number of useful policy templates and procedures. Templates can be personalised to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

GRC Support

Clients are able to contact us for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance related advice and assistance when having to interact with the Regulator. Formal Compliance opinions are also billed at a reduced fee.